The Coolest Way To Get Around The Beaches

Why would you rent a Scooter when you have your vehicle? There are many things to see in Destin and do on a scooter. There are various scenic roads to check out and you don't need a motorcycle endorsement. Going to the beach will also be easier because most parking lots are always full and it's hard to find an open spot. Scooters are offered at several locations in Destin and they are easy to rent.

Explore The Scenic Roads of Destin with a Scooter

destin scooter rentalsEver since Destin has become a popular Spring Break location, scooters have been a hot thing to do for young people when they are visiting Destin. Scooters come in all different shapes and sizes. The most popular is the 50cc scooter that typicaly holds 2 people. Scooters and mopeds are common to see when driving down highway 98. Although they are somehwat dangerous, most rental companies recommend that people do not drive them on roads that are 45mph or more. They are recommended for the scenic roads such as Gulf Shore Drive (Holiday Isle) or Old Highway 98. In order to rent a scooter, the driver must be at least 18 with a drivers license. Rent a Destin Scooter today while visiting the Destin Florida.

Customer Reviews from

Had a Blast With The Scooters
"Had a blast with the scooters. Took a drive down old hwy 98 and had a nice sightseeing experience."
Annonymous - Destin, FL

Must Rent while in Destin
"Great scooters and great customer service. Thanks Coastal cruisers!"
Jay Brown - Gainesville, FL

Enjoy The Scooters
" We had a really good time with the scooters. We rented two for the day and they worked great. The family enjoyed having them since we were limited to just one car"
Tom Bryan - TX